Welcome to FitXONE! We are a locally-owned, independent training studio dedicated to helping Surf Coast locals get in the best shape of their lives.

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Welcome to FitXONE! We are a locally-owned, independent training studio dedicated to helping Surf Coast locals get in the best shape of their lives.
FITXONE is a strength & conditioning studio designed to give our clients the best health and fitness advice in person and online. We believe that form comes before ego. Proper technique is the fastest way to reach your fitness goals without injury. This is what we have built our reputation on — Safe, Effective, Fun Training.
Our coaching is second to none, We can help you gain strength, Improve your health we also have a host of nutrition and mindset coaching options also.
Our Members Amazing Results
Our 6 WEEK
Training Blocks
We do things right... No Random daily workouts all our sessions have a plan. To help you Get stronger, Lean & Fit...
Real Training.
Real Coaching.
Unreal results...
We are ready to help you achieve the physique of your dreams.
What you can Expect:
Eating Right & Healthy 
Discover simple way to make right food choices at home and when eating out.
Cut Exercise Time In Half
You'll be shock how effective the RIGHT kind of exercise really is regardless of where are you physically right now.
Boost Your Self Confidence
More confidence- nothing makes you feel about you than being fit, toned and looking terrific. Self-confidence also brings about more happiness.
Your Potential is Endless
We keep it real
We aim for progress not perfection your body is an instrument not an ornament we want you to reach the peak of your fitness and feel amazing regardless of what the scales say. 

We make it fun
Our studio environment and effective training style means there’s just the right amount of socialising mix with hard work lose weight build muscles and make friendships.

We love what we do.
We love being part of our clients health journey. The benefits of our training goes beyond the gym and we’re proud of the transformations our clients undergo. 

We know the secret.
We’ve developed a style of training that guarantees results. We give our clients the attention they deserve and Taylor Sessions according to the individual needs.

Our results speak louder than words 
With their wide smiles and ever so positive attitude, Rob, Letitia & Jack are Three of the most energetic and enthusiastic people you will ever meet! they believes exercise should be fun & safe for all, and their classes are structured that way—to ensure that you have a great workout and leave class with a boosted mood. Your health is an investment not an expense. However, it will become an expense if you don't take time to invest in it.
I was always tired and lazy by the end of the day and eating healthily did not come naturally to me. The coaches at FitXONE helped me lose 30 kg but this was just the start of my journey.
- Jess.
There are many personal trainers "out there", but few personal trainers who have as vast an amount of specialized & diverse training, knowledge, experience sensitivity & dedication to their clients.
- Sarah 
Today marks 3 months since I decided to take control of my health and life and start my weight loss journey. In that time I have lost 27kg and found a new love of life. In the last 28 days alone I have lost 37cms and 6% body fat. No Magic pills or shakes just pure hard work, dedication and healthy eating. Special thanks to the team at FitXONE for your encouragement and training. So happy to be setting a good example to my boys 😊
- Liza G.
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